Saturday, 20 March 2010

Custom Lapel Pins Incredible Promotional Tool

Custom-made lapel pins are one of the most cost effective promotional tools on the market right now. Whether you are a small organization or a multi-national conglomerate, they are a very affordable way of subtly conveying your message to an applicable industry. They are also an excellent way to display pride in sports or achievement and can even be used as fund raising merchandise.

But a custom lapel pin’s purpose is not solely as an effective merchandising or advertising tool. Let’s look at a few different types so that you can get some ideas for uses in your own organization or group.


Trading pins are the hottest item going for youth sports teams these days. This is a great and economical hobby for younger adults and also a good way for them to achieve a sense of pride as they develop and expand their collection.


Ribbon pins are a great way to show your support for any you support. If you company or group is looking to promote a specific cause, you can even include a logo on any custom ribbon pin.

Awards & Recognition


Award pins are an inexpensive way to recognize and celebrate someone’s achievements such as meeting quota, outstanding attendance, or the success of an entire department. Whatever the occasion, you can create and order award pins that your and your employees will be proud of. A custom lapel pin is an excellent way to reward those individuals or teams for hard work and acknowledge their victories.

Additionally, giving an employee a recognition pin for a job well done can greatly benefit the productivity and moral of the entire company. Studies have proven that happy employees, especially those that know they are appreciated, work better and harder. Custom-made company recognition pins are an affordable way to show your employees that you care about what they are doing, boost moral and help promote your business.


Schools recognizing honor roll, dean’s list or any other achievement of merit can utilize award pins as an acknowledgement tool. School is a challenge with so many new things to learn about and it takes hard work to be a successful student. Merit pins are also a great way to build confidence and keep the motivation level up so that the students keep striving to perform to the best of their ability.

There are many online retailers who would be more than happy to help you create the perfect custom lapel pin for your organization’s needs. These pins can be made from different materials including brass or stainless steel and can also be designed and shaped with unique molding and coloring techniques based on artwork supplied by your organization.

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